Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Aging Challenge : Essential Questions

3rd: What do Elderly do in their Daily lives?
2nd: What do Elderly think Of Themselves?
1st: How to improve the lives of Elderly?

3rd: We should know what the Elderly do in their daily lives so that we can help them.
2nd: We can know what the Elderly think of themselves and can cater to their needs.
1st: This is the main challenge and we can think how to help the elderly.


  1. I find that some of these questions can be TOO generic in nature, but nonetheless these questions also would allow you to filter them down as we move into the brainstorming session/s later on. Do think of how we can try to identify potential problems, especially when in comes to dealing not only with the elderly, but als those who are NOT!

  2. I think that the questions are too subjective. You should make them more specific to identify the problem better.