Monday, January 11, 2010

ADMT Lesson1: Personal Reflection

  1. What is Art, Design, Media and Technology (ADMT) to you?
  2. Why is ADMT important?
  3. What are the skills that you would want to learn in ADMT?
  4. Sketch how the world would look like without art, design, media and technology. Describe briefly your sketch. [Take a picture of your sketch and post it on your personal blog]
1.) ADMT is a subject that allows you to use more of your right brain it allows you to be creative.
2.)ADMT is important as it allows us to show our expressions and the world will be very dull without it.
3.)I would want to learn how to draw better.
4.)The picture shows the world without ADMT. It will be a dull world and nature will thrive.

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