Monday, January 25, 2010




Laptop Bag

P:It has a compartment that is specially designed to put the the laptop. It is specially designed for laptops.
I:It softens the impact of the fall if the laptop falls.
S:This brand sells bags that is specially designed for laptops.

Something that was passed down to me from my father (Soccer Set)

P:It includes a pair of soccer boots and a soccer jersey. The soccer jersey is from Man United which is my favourite team. The boots are form Nike.
I:I use it when I play in a soccer match it is the proper attire for soccer.
E:I am glad that my father bought it for me.

MRT Station

P:It is very long and large
I:It helps me get to the MRT which helps me travel
E:It makes me feel safe.
S:I can meet my friends there.

Watching a Movie(Avatar)

P:The theater is cool and the seat is cosy.
I:It entertains me and engages me to watch it.
E:It makes me feel excited.
S:I can watch a movie with my friends there.

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